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About me

Hey there, my name is Rafael Casachi and I am brazilian. I am a software developer and I have graduated in Computer Science. I am a backpacker, a photographer and a supporter of Santos F.C. I have created this website to write about my interests and my insights.

Rafael Casachi at Atacama Desert

I am passionate about adventure traveling, italian food and sports. I like to practice é£›é¶“ę“¾åŠŸå¤«, running and others outdoor sports. I like to try some new experiences and I am a meditation adept. I also like to search about project management, management 3.0, productivity, how to live with less stress and how to increase the efficiency.

I really love to read fantasy books, listen to the rock music or try to cook something in my spare times.


  • Olist

    Front-end Developer | May, 2020 - Present

    Developed applications with Django and ReactJS

  • Aidias

    Freelancer | April, 2014 - Present

    Developed applications and websites with PHP, ASP.Net, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS, VueJS and Ionic.

  • Penze

    Project Manager | March, 2018 - May, 2020

    - Managed the development team and new innovations projects. - Implemented project management techniques like PMBOK, SCRUM and AGILE principles. - Redesigned a new development workflow and business strategy. - Structured a new company core business to adapt to Digital Transformation. - Developed applications in ReactJS, Angular, VueJS and Laravel.

  • Penze

    Fullstack Developer | December, 2017 - March, 2018

    Developed applications in PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Angular and Cordova.

  • RaĆ­zen S/A - MaracaĆ­

    Planning Analyst | October, 2011 - September, 2015

    - Implemented PMBOK techniques on Planning Department. - Managed the Planning Department. - Controlled projectsā€™ costs and budgets, processes and information integrity. - Created internal procedures for continuous improvement of the company.

  • RaĆ­zen S/A - MaracaĆ­

    Planning And Control Analyst | May, 2010 - October, 2010

    - Planned and controlled maintenance projects. - Designed statistical indicators about maintenance and project efficiency. - Controlled the acquisitions of services and materials for the projects. - Automated manual tasks with the development of applications in PHP and Javascript.

Javascript Javascript
Angular Angular
ReactJs ReactJs
VueJs VueJs
Laravel Laravel
NodeJs NodeJs
React Native React Native


  • Graduate Studies in Development of Multiplatform Applications

    UNOESTE - Universidade do Oeste Paulista | 2016-2017
  • BSc in Computer Science

    FEMA ā€“ FundaĆ§Ć£o Educacional do MunĆ­cipio de Assis | 2008-2011
Portuguese : NativeEnglish : AdvancedFrench : IntermediarySpanish : Intermediary


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